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ILLINOIS LAW:   Must be 18 + with proper Identification to get a Tattoo.

Minors can get pierced with parental consent.
Parent must have proper Identification and minor must have photo ID with name & picture clearly visible. If
parent/minor have different last names: a birth certificate is also required to prove relationship.
                             TATTOO Aftercare Instructions                                        
 **As a retailer of Pride Aftercare – we highly suggest  you purchase Pride
         to help heal your tattoo .... as it's specifically made for Tattoos!!

*If you do not buy aftercare, we suggest Hydrocortisone cream or Aquafor.

1.  Remove your bandage after 1-2 hours and wash with a gentle soap.  
2.  Use light finger pressure to wash your tattoo until debris and blood is washed away.  
      Do not use anything but your clean fingertips and gentle soap to wash with.  
      Rinse soap off and pat it dry with a towel.  (you will do this - 3x per day.)
      ** Do Not Re-bandage! Do not pick the scabs from your tattoo!  
3.   Apply a dime-sized drop or so of lotion.  Gently rub lotion in until it is gone from sight
        (repeat after each wash and dry.)  

      Use lotion until fully healed (30 days in most cases).  
      * Full healing has occurred when your skin is no longer reflective.
    ** No direct sun or tanning for 2-4 weeks! No swimming for 2-4 weeks!

                         Please consult a physician as appropriate at the first sign of infection.