TATTOO Aftercare Instructions
As a retailer of Pride Aftercare – the best aftercare on the market, we highly suggest
you purchase Pride to help heal your tattoo.
*If you do not buy aftercare, we suggest Hydrocortisone cream or Aquafor.

Remove your bandage after 1-2 hours and wash with a gentle soap.  
Use light finger pressure to wash your tattoo until debris and blood is washed away.  Do not use anything but your
clean fingertips and gentle soap to wash with.  Rinse soap off and pat it dry with a towel.  Repeat 3x per day.
Do Not Re-bandage! Do not pick the scabs from your tattoo!  Apply a dime-sized drop or so of lotion.  Gently rub
lotion in until it is gone from sight, repeat after each wash and dry.  Use lotion until fully healed (30 days in most
cases).  Full healing has occurred when your skin is no longer reflective.
No direct sun or tanning for 2-4 weeks! No swimming for 2-4 weeks!

Please consult a physician as appropriate at the first sign of infection.
We want you to know how to properly take care of your tattoo
and/or piercing. As always we instruct in our shop -  but in the
event you need backup this is here for you online!
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PIERCING Aftercare Instructions

*DO NOT USE Dial or harsh Anti bacterial soaps, alcohol, peroxide, or bactine on your new piercing.
* DO NOT remove your jewelry for 8 to 12 weeks!!!   
1. Use gentle skin cleanser (Dove, Caress, etc.) both in and around the opening to clean your piercing.  
2. Rinse well to remove all soap and build-up from your piercing.
3. Saturate cotton ball or Q-tip with aftercare spray (or sea salt solution) to ensure product gets in pierced area no
more than 3 times per day unless otherwise directed.  

Everyone heals at different rates of speed for different piercings and skin types.
Please consult a physician as appropriate, at the first sign of infection!
ORAL PIERCING Aftercare Instructions

Cleaning for outside the mouth piercings:  
Clean pierced area with sea salt solution mix 2 to 3 times, daily. Dry the area by gently patting with clean
disposable paper towel.

Cleaning for inside the mouth piercings:
Rinse mouth with sea salt solution or *Non –alcoholic based oral rinse mixture for 30 seconds (4-5 times daily)
during the entire healing period.  *Do not use regular mouthwash – It will burn!

Avoid all oral contact, rough play, contact with bodily fluids, excessive caffeine, nicotine & alcohol during your
healing process. Rinse your mouth rinse after you eat, drink and smoke.
Avoid biting or playing with jewelry. Eat slowly and use caution.  Use crushed ice for swelling!!

Please consult a physician doctor as appropriate, at the first sign of infection!
Mix 1/4th TEASPOON of non-iodized Sea Salt to 8oz. (1 cup) of distilled
water. Pour water into a small, clean bottle – add salt and shake! Do not
use more salt than directed.

Apply solution to the pierced area twice daily with a cotton swab. Gently
dab the piercing area on both sides in the morning and afternoon. Do not
force removal of crusted debris, this could irritate the piercing and cause
bleeding and swelling. If you have a hard time to remove debris, perform
a warm soak.  

Warm a small amount of sea salt solution in a shot glass or paper Dixie
cup for 5-10 seconds in a microwave.
Caution: Sea salt solution heats very quickly.
Careful not to burn yourself!!!

*Apply the warmed solution to the piercing area with a cotton ball; add
slight pressure until the cotton ball is cold. This should take between 5-
10 minutes. After the warm soak, gently dab the pierced area with a
cotton swab to remove any debris left on the jewelry.

*At night, it is recommended that you perform a warm soak
to the piercing area as your 3rd cleaning of the day.